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August 1st, 2012

Happy birthday to all the racehorses (and some others), but not my boy, apart from being a quarter horse,  his birthday is on October 9th! Anyway now to get on with the blog for today….

Today we were visited by co-operative artists Yvonne and Henning.

Like the partnership I wrote about recently, these two are like peas in a pod! Seeing two artists work together in such a fluid and nearly intertwined manner is really nice. Not only business partners they are also partners in life. An interesting story starting back in 1997 when they met and started collaborating on art projects together, but nothing else as they were both in relationships with other people at the time.

The difference in cultural background seems not to have hindered their ability to produce paintings and sculptures that work so well in a single space together. Eventually they developed a personal relationship and Yvonne moved her base to Germany to live and work with Henning.

Each exhibition they produce is created to complement the space that it is going in. Because of this their work is becoming more popular with repeat clients who like their care in researching and designing for not only themselves but the building it is going in.

Yvonne told us that some of her works were inspired by her struggles to learn German when she moved countries. I studied German in high school and understood a little about that. It isn’t an easy language. Much of the basis for their work is based on personal experiences and wishes to speak about what is going on in society around them.

Henning said that art should lead to discussion and they see it as important. Narratives of society, things going on in science, medicine, politics etc should be talked about and artists can use their skills to bring these subjects to people’s minds by creative visual effect.

Even though their art styles are not really my cup of tea what I did like, yet again for the second week in a row, is seeing two artists working so well together. The relaxed attitude and the joy they find in their art and working in collaboration with each other is the best preventative measure for the loneliness and isolation that can come from many hours working in a studio alone, which has been a major problem for creatives for hundreds of years. Yvonne said they unfortunately do not share a studio space since moving house, but I am sure that at the end of the day they talk about their work and ideas, and of course they have to set up and research with each other. They were also travelling, giving talks and living with each other as very compatible companions.

Nathan and David asked us after the art chat about cooperative artists and their work. We were given a few names to look up to see how other artists work with each other.

See Christo and Jenne Claude on the web, who worked together for many years. If you are a bit more adventurous, try looking up Gilbert and George who collaborated on some rather “in your face” work.

I might add to that the couple I wrote about last week, Ona Henderson and Syd Tun. They are a bit more “conventional” in subject and materials but their work is stunning to look at and they are based in Victoria so close for seeing their work “in real life”.


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