Australian Fine Artist

Sarah Bond
Director of Visual Arts Melbourne University

at The McClelland Galleries 

Sarah Bond in her capacity at Melbourne University spends a lot of time organising cultural exchange via visual arts with nineteen countries in South East Asia.

The 21st Century is the time to be keeping in touch with the Asian market according the Sarah. There is growth and interest in what Australia has to offer in the arts and Sarah believes that we need to be proactive in marketing and promoting in Asia.

Supported by the Myer Foundation, Asia Link Promotes and organises cultural and art events overseas. They hold touring exhibitions, artist residency programs, writing programs, special programs and a variety of cultural and arts based events. They also send teachers overseas to teach and for cultural exchange.

Artists, sculptors, photographers, potters and digital artists are all represented in various events.Most of these are curated and some require the artist to be present to talk about their works.

Sarah said that public talks are now an important part of arts events in Asia. Artists are expected to be available to talk about their work and from the over 600 artists that apply in any given year, sixty are generally selected to go overseas. There are 10 artists in residency overseas at the moment. The most common time for these is three months, but Sarah said that some artist get quite attached to their home away from home and stay on for a lot longer.

Artists often work collaboratively with local trades and artists for events and these are a great opportunity to learn about different methods and diversity of artistic practice. Organisations from overseas make their requirements and desires known to Asia Link and artists are matched to these for their project.

The boom in interest in Australian art has boosted the art market here and overseas. Local artists are making names for themselves not only in Asia but Europe and the USA, as they are also looking at trends in this part of the world.

Artists don’t have to be studying at Melbourne Uni to express interest in the Asia Link Program. They receive applications from all over the country.

For more information about Asia Link see their web site at:

They are also on Facebook:

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