Australian Fine Artist

Drawing Class Friday 18th May

Drawing with Oil Pastels

OK, I think I was in primary school the last time I used any type of oil pastel! As a matter of fact, I still have some of them, just as keepsakes. They sit in the studio and I look at them occasionally and remember learning art at the tender age of around ten.

A lot of time has passed since then and the pastels are a lot better, especially when you are learning at a college rather than a state primary school.

Our task today was to select a famous portrait painting from the past, going back to as early as the 16th Century I think, and to go through the process of reproducing the style of painting. The twist was that we had mirror as well and had to place our own faced into the portraits.

To be honest I would rather have just painted the early Renaissance monk I selected rather than putting my own face in to spoil such a beautiful painting. However, I didn’t have that choice so tried to make the best of it.

I heard a lot of people having fun as they portrayed themselves in various poses and all sorts of costumes from their prints. I think as drawing classes go, this was one of the most enjoyable for many attending this semester. For me I think I painted myself concentrating just as hard as I was at the time, which of course means I look downright depressed. Well, actually, there is a little truth in that, as I am still coming to grips with seeing this older person staring back at me in the mirror these days.

I was pleased that I seem to be getting some of the features of the human face better now than say, a year ago, so the lessons are definitely helping. I just feel better painting and drawing other people and not myself.

Before we left most of us put our pics on the wall to display for a while and I chose a few of my favourites and took a photo of mine as well. I hope readers will enjoy looking at the results from our hard work. See if you can tell which artist and style of painting is represented in each work!

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