Australian Fine Artist

Pop Art In Photoshop

Digital Studies Class 16th May

Tutor: Troy (Sessional Trainer in Digital Studies)

I had a very relaxing and fun morning today in Digital Studies. We were doing similar to what I used to do during my lunch break at various jobs to try to give myself a creative break from the “sausage factory” that can be display advertising and graphic art for the print industry.

The theme was “Pop Art” similar to that of Roy Lichtenstein who was very famous for his prints and collages of pop art style art from the 1960s to the 1990s and that of Andy Warhol whose work has become iconic around the world.

I have a lot of years experience using Photoshop and the Mac so it was fun and relaxing. As it is with Photoshop though, there are a multitude of ways to do things and there is always something else you can learn. Everyone “won” today. I learned a few new tricks, I was able to help a few people who were struggling and take the pressure of the tutor who helped someone who was really feeling out of their depth – and it was fun. It was also a bit of experience for me as a tutor since I have my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment!

Methods used to produce my images include: create layers, colour adjustment (saturation, replace colour, alter colour), adjust layers (transparency, make a darken layer etc), name layers, emboss, bevel, patterns, clone, create mask, add noise, posterise, crop file size for A4, save file as PSD, save file as JPG – amongst others – sorry I got excited and didn’t write them all down.

Have a look below, I have included the three images I produced today. I have done two variations on the third design to show how the colour changes change the look of the art.

As it is just for study and NOT for sale I chose a famous face to do my first work and did 2 variations of the same photo for the next couple of designs. As I said these are purely for study purposes and not for sale or anything to do with my art business so I hope viewers will take this into consideration.

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