Australian Fine Artist

2012 Exhibitions

Janice’s Exhibitions

I am still entering exhibitions whilst studying for my Diploma of Visual Arts.
Making sure that you keep your art in the public view is important as well as making sure you keep comfortable in standing in front of your work. It’s not just for you to look at it’s to share with others, whether you decide to sell or not.
With this in mind a, hopefully, growing list of exhibitions for this year is below.

“Permanent” Display Arrangements
Moodi’s Cafe Pearcedale – 6 works on permanent display and for sale (rotated out every three months – 2-3 sales per year so far)
Art Gallop – on display and for sale
Oceanic Cafe Frankston – on display and for sale

Spring-Summer 2011-2012
PSVA 2011 Exhibition (Winner, Still Life Division)
AGRA Summer Exhibition (Commended)
Peninsula Art Society Spring Summer Exhibition (SOLD)
Art Gallop Purely Pets Exhibition (2nd)

Autumn 2012
AGRA Drawing Exhibition
AGRA Autumn Exhibition
Bright Autumn Art Exhibition
Kilmore Art Show
Mornington Peninsula Art Show
Bendigo Art Show
Camberwell Art Show
Mornington Peninsula Art Society/Frankston Festival Art Show
Little Landscapes at Bright Space Gallery St Kilda (2 SOLD)

Note that I had also planned and entered an art show in Berwick for Autumn. I sent in the entry (email and snail mail) and paid the entry (EFT) which went out of my account. When my courier arrived at the exhibition they refused to accept the painting as they didn’t have my entry forms. This cost me a courier fee and I didn’t get to go in the art competition, exhibition and possibly missed out on a sale. It has yet to be resolved. This is a lesson for everyone to make sure if you enter an exhibition, that you follow up, even if it sounds like you may be a pest, and make sure they got your paperwork.

Winter 2012
Planned: Oakhill Gallery Exhibition
Planned: AGRA Winter Art Exhibition


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