Australian Fine Artist

Wax Painting Medium

Materials Study
May 2nd, 2012

For anyone who is looking for another way to glaze your oil paintings without using spray glazes or other paint on methods, this one using refined bee’s wax is a good and traditional alternative.

Refined bee’s wax (available at art suppliers such as Seniors) helps give a soft sheen to your painting without going too glossy. It can also be added to your oil paints to bulk them up a bit and save on paint by “extending’ it.

  • This method of glazing has been used by archivists
  • It helps even out the finish and gets rid of flatness that you can often get with the darker colours in oil paint as they dry
  • It can easily be removed when used as a glaze
  • It is less likely to yellow as it ages


  • 1:1 wax to gum terpentine (do not use an inferior turps)


  • Melt the wax (saucepan or similar)
  • Ad the turps (off the heat)
  • Decant to container
  • Allow to cool
  • Brush or wipe on with a soft rag. Apply thinly like you would furniture polish.

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