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David Hockney Collages

I know we haven’t been calling them collages, but David does on his web site and I keep forgetting the other name! So here are my two attempts for Semester 1, 2012!

Number 1 is a walk through the campus to the courtyard outside C Block.

Number 2 is my husband watching the DVD of Transformers. He is usually so animated during movies I wanted to capture it!


Both these documents were built using similar techniques.

1. Photographs were taken over a time period from ten minutes to one and a half hours.

2. Photographs were loaded on to the computer in iPhoto and sorted

3. Photographs were then saved into a folder in my training directory on my Mac for Digital Art Classes

4. Photographs were opened in Photoshop and a new document was saved to the size and dpi requirements for printing

5. Photographs were copied into layers and spread through the documents in a timeline fashion.

6.Various photos were treated with filters such as: Deep Etch, Art filters – Pastel Effects, Poster Edges, Watercolour. Layers were given transparency and drop shadows, a text layer was created. Some features were cut from pics and filters applied, and they were spread down the page to help with the “flow” from top to bottom.

7. Colour correction and lightening was applied to some layers

8. The file was exported as a PDF for inclusion into the blog.

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