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Holiday Activities

Apart from and Including Homework!

To prove I am either dedicated or ensane I have entered two more art exhibitions during the break, starting in May.

Coming up soon are The Berwick Artists Society Art Fest (in conjunction with the Pastel Society and City of Casey) and the AGRA Autumn Exhibition (at their Camberwell Gallery).

I am also trying to get all my homework done for next semester although my problems with Austudy are making motivation harder right now. However I have a nice new lino cut completed, a new wax sculpture mostly done – I only need some little enhancements to go on it, most of my blogs are done except one and will be resourcing materials for my “found materials” sculpture soon as I just cleaned out the studio and now know where everything is!

I have sprayed and stored all my drawings into my folio so they are now safe. (I have been doing some drawing practice whilst watching TV during the evenings but won’t bore you all with those!)

…and just to prove I am not quite right in the head, I have done a new oil painting on board. I primed several boards and old canvasses recently and decided to revisit a subject I have done before with a very limited palette. French Ultramarine Blue, Yellow, Crimson Lake and White. Just for the fun and the practice. I will post it in this blog. Please forgive the quality of the photo, it was done with my phone.

Oops, almost forgot. I recently met a neighbour who had been living in the street for twenty years and is an artist! She invited me for coffee this week and that was yesterday. I’ve had a tour of her studio and we get along really well. I have an open invitation to call in anytime! Networking can be great fun! By the way her name is Cherry Beresford and she is really good! I think if you look on the web there may be some samples of her work.

…and I have been contacted by McClellland Galleries who are interested in me volunteering at the Gallery! We have just set up a meeting for tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that. I think that will be great experience.

I hope everyone else is having a happy and productive break. I can’t wait to see you all next semester. HAPPY EASTER!

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  1. Follow up on the Volunteering at McClelland Galleries.

    We had a meeting today and they are happy to have me volunteering in the educational area for the gallery. I hope to be helping with tours, talks, helping guides, assisting when visiting artists give demonstrations and also helping in the art workshops for school groups.
    My Cert. IV in Training and Assessment as well as experience and continuing education in my Dip. Vis. Arts will all be used and hopefully given real world practical application.
    I am very excited and looking forward to this new venture in my life and career!

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